Release Your Brakes!!
What brakes????!!!!

Your feared emotions - those are your brakes!

You may or may not have realized this, but you have EVERYTHING you need to be all you can be, right here, right now. The ONLY thing stopping you are your emotional boundaries! The emotions that you fear! It is so simple! You may not even be conscious of them, so let me give you two quick examples so you see where we are going with this...

EXAMPLE #1: Are you afraid of talking to people in certain situations and you find yourself stalling or holding back? Guess what's stopping you? Your thoughts? Your fears? Well, yes, but thats not entirely accurate. The accurate answer is that it is the emotions that you fear experiencing that are stopping you! They are the ones creating the patterns of negative thought and behaviour that are holding you back.
EXAMPLE #2: Would you like to be able to do amazing things with your life, in health, relationships, lifestyle or business, but you hold yourself back or sabotage yourself or even fail to see your chances of success or opportunity? Guess whats stopping you? It is the emotions that you fear experiencing that are stopping you!

I'll explain. Have a look at this image...
Do you understand what that image above means to you?

The pink areas at the top and bottom illustrate the areas of infinite being awaiting you. 

And the middle clear section represents the invisible prison you have built for yourself, your comfort zone. It is called 'comfort zone' because that is where you encounter only the emotions you are NOT uncomfortable with or afraid of. 

Makes sense?
Growing up, through the process of socialisation and domestication, you formed a ‘self image’. That self image has thousands of attitudes and beliefs, many of which are restrictive and limiting and even untrue. And that self image IS your comfort zone, because it was fashioned into what was expected of you during your upbringing, through a socialised pressure matrix of reward and punishment.

Makes sense, right?

Now, the pink area is full of emotions that you ARE afraid of or uncomfortable with.

Yet, the pink area is NOT full of monsters. Not at all.

It is, instead, full of YOU! 

What is on the other side of your fears?

YOU are on the other side of your fears! 

There are no monsters out there! On the other side of your fears, you will find only yourself, denied aspects of yourself, magnificent aspects of yourself. 

Because different people are afraid of all sorts of normal emotions. Some people are afraid of anger, of rejection, even of approval and love. 

The emotions themselves are normal, but you might have a fear of some of them. 

And that fear pattern can be dropped. And the minute it is dropped, that emotion stops frightening you or making you uncomfortable

And that is why fear is a phantom, and that is why there is nothing on the other side of fear except a grander version of yourself.

Yet these buried emotions can keep you prisoner for life if you don't face and open up to them! That is the astonishing power of emotions.

That's good news, isn't it?

The unknown is safe. It contains your unexplored true self. 

But our upbringing, your socialisation and domestication, has led you to create a socialised self image that is literally in a prison of the mind, of fears that are unfounded. 

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.

And it is held in place by emotional patterns, emotions you avoid or run from and so on. 

And because you refuse to encounter these emotions, they become "subconscious" to you. These are the so-called 'subconscious blockages'.

And so when I say "Release Your Brakes", I mean let go and allow yourself to encounter your true self, beyond your prison walls of fear.
Now, our Awaken Your Avatar course, which you just purchased, definitely talks about how to use the 3 Masteries to release your brakes.

That is how Awakening begins, basically. With the letting go of the 'small self' and surrendering to the True Self, because a person cannot serve two masters.

And you can learn all you need from that course, and do it yourself. Absolutely!

But if you need extra help, a personal helping hand from me, David, personally, then I have space for a maximum of only 15-20 people per month that I can work with, in a hybrid group+personal format. 

If this sounds like something for you, read on and then click on the GREEN button below.

Otherwise, if you are not interested, scroll to the bottom of this page and pass this offer by clicking on the red button below (no worries, I appreciate you having taken the time to consider this offer anyway).
OK, now, have a look at this next image below. As you can see, it has arrows pointing to small pie slices labeled 'What you "know" about yourself'. Your identity = what you think you "know" about yourself. Outside of that are much, much bigger areas labeled 'Potential'. See...
Now hear this: the first important point to realise is that your potential is FAR GREATER than your self imageYou don’t even realise or recognise how vast your potential is, in most areas. 

However, the second important point to realise is that you don’t tend to behave on the basis of your potential. Not at all. Instead, you behave on the basis of your self image, consistent with our self image

You tend to perceive, and act, like your “self”, your false, limited, conditioned sense of self. That is the ONLY thing that limits you. Release your brakes and you will DEFINITELY fly!

When you release your breaks, you break free from those small little slices in that image... and you meet your grand True Self!

Please understand this:

When you release your brakes, YOU ARE MEETING YOURSELF!!!

I need you to grasp that, please. 

You are not "learning new tricks' - you are simply meeting the vastness of your own self!
For you see, as you grew up, the collective society, through a system of rewards and punishment, defined you, gave you a social identity, a mask, a fearful, diminished sense of self.

You have been told what you are and who you are, and conditioned using repetitious rewards and punishments, to stay there so you can be accepted and paid and loved.

You have been told that if you abandon that training, that domestication, that socialisation, that programming, that conditioning, you will face painful shit.

That is the emotional fear structure that keeps your false identity in place, and gives you 'blockages' in achieving your goals or solving your challenges.

But it is not your True Self, because psychological fear never has told you the truth.

You can, instead, learn how to ride the fearful emotions to discover the undiscovered True Self!


That is the astonishing power of emotions!

Here is a secret... You have to become a self-validating, sovereign being for you to become OK with all emotions. Here is what I mean...
My name is David Cameron Gikandi, the creator of the Awaken Your Avatar course, and a lot more... and I have been in the depths of fearful self-imprisonment like billions of people all over the world, but fortunately, after many years of personal inner work, I have found the way out.
I teach the way out in my Awaken Your Avatar course, and if you like, I can also guide you as your coach for even more powerful, deeper and quicker results!

Let me tell you more about that...
Here Is How My Coaching System Delivers Magnificent Results For You...
You will get amazing results with me, specifically because of the coaching system that I use. My "secret sauce" is actually very simple. Together, with my help, you will:

We will get you to write a list of all your goals. I will not tell you what your goals should be - that is up to you. But we will require that you start with a list of goals - goals that are WAY BIGGER than your current comfort zone! The types of goals you choose is totally up to you, but they must go beyond your comfort zone significantly. I will then show you how to re-write those goals into emotional-experience affirmations. Affirmations work wonders IF they are recited twice a day and IF they are written to simulate the emotional experience of having already accomplished them. I'll help you with that. Then, we will record them in your voice to your phone so you can play them twice a day at your own comfort. I'm telling you, just doing this alone will blow your mind in just how fast and how powerful your results will be for you.

We will then work on releasing your brakes! Using a bunch of questionnaires I have designed, plus our communication, we will uncover the emotions that are holding you prisoner. I will then help you use the 3 Masteries of Awareness (Mindfulness), Transformation, and Love to build your self-esteem and emotional vulnerability and openness so that your affirmations in step 1 above become your NEW Comfort Zone. And then BAM!!! Automatically, you be able to go wherever you need to go, do whatever you need to do, attract whatever you need to attract, and be whatever you need to be, with your emotions now supporting you rather than opposing you. No more resistance! You will either achieve your goals, or you will realise you don't need some of them after all... but either way, you will grow and awaken ever more to your magnificent True Self!

That is the basic process, simplified.

And to accomplish all this, we use (1) my weekly program (methodology) and (2) my coaching platform.

Let me first show you how the coaching platform looks like, then I will tell you all about the weekly methodology:
Here Is What My Coaching Platform Looks Like...
Get a comprehensive, supported, and results-driven group+personal coaching experience
  •  Tools to track progress
  •  Timely reminders to maintain momentum
  •  A running record of results, materials & insights
  •  A mobile app for keeping up on the go
  •  Effective coaching that takes less of your time
  •  Results are easily demonstrated
  •  You have more fun
  •  You have more motivation to grow, to thrive, to succeed
Get more value & Growth through a proven coaching methodology and system Backed by metrics
Track your progress with Metrics. With automated reminders by text or email it's very little work for you to keep up with your objectives and their achievement, and the result is informative graphs and an at-a-glance view of how things are going as measured against a target. What gets measured gets managed: Metrics make the measuring easy.
Enjoy the transformative power of Secure Client Pages
As your coach, I track and facilitate your progress. All your information is organised in one secure area, easily accessible from your Dashboard. Clients access their page via their own unique login, which means that only you and I, your coach, can see your data, while other clients cannot see your data.
We are able to increase your accountability and follow through between sessions, far beyond what you might be able to do on your own, perhaps. Our system allows you, or myself, to create specific actions with optional reminders. Color-coded to reflect completion status so you and I see at a glance what is next, what they have accomplished and where you may be stuck. It allows us to discuss specific solutions, and work out challenges together. This is one of the fastest ways to grow and evolve!
Worksheets & Journaling
As your coach, I from time to time assign you worksheets to help you come to grips with various concepts, with due dates and reminders. You and I can both add Journal Entries at any time, and they too become part of the growing repository of notes and progress insights.
View the comprehensive history of our coaching engagement. Actions, metrics, notes, worksheets, and appointments are all there. You and I can record comments on each, making a nice way to keep the conversation going between sessions on the things of concern.
Group-Level Assignments & Metrics
For group coaching, with group-level assignments and metrics, we add real shared accountability. We turn group performance into a game and create a friendly competition or even just give team members a way to cheer one another on as they participate in a shared experience. Group postings, direct messaging, and a directory help make member interactions as valuable as your own presence. We create an environment where the camaraderie is itself a growth factor, because you get to help each other.
Session Notes
Especially for 1-on-1 coaching, session notes are typed up for you and appended with any action plan we've created. You and I can review session notes anytime.
Cross-Device Compatibility
Your coaching platform access is made super sweet and simple on any device you choose to access it on. This is literally next-generation coaching.
Watch this "Insider Sneak Peek" Video I Made For You, See What Our Coaching Platform Looks Like...
And Our Weekly Program (The Methodology) Looks Like This...
Here is what you can expect every week:

Once every 2 weeks, we hold a live Ask David Q&A Group Call using Zoom. You can ask your questions live or in advance, and I, David, will do my best to answer them on the group call. The calls are recorded, in case you cannot attend. They last between 1 and 2 hours. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from the rest of the group as you listen in on how they solve their challenges, what they ask, and what the answers are. And by asking your question in this group, you also get my perspective and possibly the perspective of others on the call. In total, those are two group calls per month (one call every 2 weeks), each lasting between 1 and 2 hours each, for a total of 4 hours.

You get one live 1-on-1 personal coaching call with David every 2 weeks. Call usually lasts between 45 min and 60 minutes depending on what we need to cover, although they may run longer if we need it. The first of these calls is usually held AFTER the first week or two after you join us, to allow us to have completed your goals and affirmations, and ensure you have gone through any study materials I may have had for you and some of the tools below, and we get a better sense of what you need that way before our first call. This will give you the best value for that first call, much better than if we spoke on day 1. After the first call, we settle on a schedule of roughly 1 call per person every 2 weeks, for a total of two personal 1-on-1 calls per month. These calls are perfect for fine tuning any sticking points you may be facing, and helping you see even further outside the box or giving you the courage and confidence to try new things beyond your comfort zone. Works great in combination with the group calls above. In total, those are two personal 1-on-1 calls per month.

To help us get the most out of our time together, we use the tools I showed you above, including action lists, worksheets, assignments, journals, the stream, and metric toolsI, David, will personally review your work and sends you comments, resources and suggestions on what you can do to overcome your deepest challenges and achieve your highest goals. This is the primary way we will keep in flow on a daily basis, and you are free to use these tools every day. You can expect my response every business day (Mon-Fri), sometimes with a 1 day delay at the most in case I might be travelling or otherwise. This is a safe place where its ok to experiment and fail, where you can be vulnerable and be ok even if you make mistakes, where you are accepted as you are, where its ok to be yourself, yet where you are challenged and held accountable. I will give you my radically honest feedback, encouragement, and other comments on your actions, goals, metrics etc.

From time to time, if and when necessary, I'll find and send you bonus surprise content, mini-classes, webinars, case studies, book reviews, and other resources, as I get to know you more and more and realise what you need to make the greatest gains in your life. I also might research, find and suggest to you certain books or apps or tools or people or places or methods or strategies etc that I feel might be of benefit to you. Now, this is a bonus, so it is not something that will necessarily happen every week on schedule - only when necessary or relevant. Anyways, I am very good at that sort of thing because not only do I have professional degrees/qualifications in international business, information technology and film production, I also am proficient in a wide variety of fields (it actually surprises people how vast my knowledge is), and I have travelled to or lived in all 5 continents and been to over 30 countries, and you can tap into that when you need to and I will use that to get a better sense of how I can assist you.
Which Will All Give You The Following Benefits And Outcomes...
Coaching with me will help you achieve results faster, deeper, bigger! Amongst the many benefits you can expect are:
  • Reveal, as clear as day, where your brakes are
  •  Help you release your brakes
  •  Master your fears
  •  Achieve your goals
  •  Help you see outside of your box and around the corners
  •  Get out of your box and get unstuck
  •  Get free of your fears
  •  Help you awaken and release subconscious blocks and heal subconscious wounds
  •  Help you be the master of your life, a lion rather than sheeple
  •  And much more
That is what having coaching with me guides you towards, very effectively. I help you SEE YOUR BRAKES clearly by asking you the kinds of questions no one else dares ask you, or asking you to do things you don’t dare ask yourself to do (such as being honest with yourself or with someone giving you trouble at work), and then I give you the tools to empower you to transform.
available to Only 10 - 20 People AT ANY ONE TIME
As you can imagine from looking at all the above, this takes a substantial amount of time, energy, movement, thinking, feeling and activity from my end to serve you properly. This means I can only handle 10, 15, perhaps 20, clients in any one month, depending on a variety of factors. That means that once I have my optimal number of clients, 10 to 20 depending on how the workload feels, I shut new client intakes down until we have more spots. Some clients may choose to stay with me for many months, which means that once we shut down, it may be a long while before we re-open. So if this is for you, and you are ready, then do jump in now while this opportunity is still available. Because if and when we do fill up, we absolutely do not add on anyone new until one or more of our clients leaves after however long they wish to stay with us.

Our coaching pricing structure is as follows:

$3000 Month-on-Month (No Upfront Commitment, Stay On As Long As You Wish)
$5,000 For 2 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
$8,000 For 4 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
$12,000 For 6 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
Which gets you the following each month:

#1 - TWO GROUP Q&A CALLS with David
#3 - MULTIPLE TOOLS & FEEDBACK (action lists, worksheets, assignments, journals, the stream, and metric tools, plus my honest feedback, encouragement, and other comments on your actions, goals, metrics etc.)

And the reason why we are doing all this is so that you can have the following growth and awesome benefits:
  • Reveal, as clear as day, where your brakes are
  •  Help you release your brakes
  •  Master your fears
  •  Achieve your goals
  •  Help you see outside of your box and around the corners
  •  Get out of your box and get unstuck
  •  Get free of your fears
  •  Help you awaken and release subconscious blocks and heal subconscious wounds
  •  Help you be the master of your life, a lion rather than sheeple
  •  And much more
I love working with people and I would be happy to work with you!

The way we start working together is as follows:

1. Please fill in the application below, and select the package you would be interested in. You will not be charged anything at this time. The application form helps me learn a bit more about you, and it serves as a way to manage our numbers.

2. Once I have received your application, we will see whether we have any spaces available. If we have an available spot, we will arrange a Skype chat with you to confirm you are interested and to get a sense of each other, after which we can get started with processing your enrolment and beginning your coaching. If we don't have any available spots, we will let you know and place you on our wait list. Either way, please allow up to 2 business days for a response.
Please answer the following two questions as honestly and clearly as possible, with as much details as you are comfortable sharing (not too little, not too much, please, thanks):
What are the 3 biggest goals you have that you need help with? It can be anything (material, emotional, spiritual, health, relationship)...
What challenges or blockages are you facing regarding these goals that you need help with? What is standing in your way?
Our coaching pricing structure is as follows:

$3000 Month-on-Month (No Upfront Commitment, Stay On As Long As You Wish)
$5,000 For 2 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
$8,000 For 4 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
$12,000 For 6 Month Program (Upfront Commitment Required)
Which coaching package were you interested in?
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