The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed
Reset Your Self-View & World-View
Many people struggle to understand and reprogram their subconscious and find the inner freedom and strength they know they deserve.

These courses help them fix that.

And then they start winning big.

You can, too.
Rise Up & Get Unstuck!
We Have Been Lied To For 6,000 Years!
Read This Or Stay Enslaved!
Meet Melissa...
  • A single mother of two
  •  An employed, remarkable, Certified Nurse
  •  A network marketer on the side... to make ends meet and chase her dreams...
Meet Melissa
Melissa is great...
But her inner personal world is shaky
She has tried everything, but nothing fully fixed her yet...
An invisible weight and chains seem to enslave her
We have been lied to for 6000 years with a distorted Map of Reality
The Map of Reality is distorted by 3 core lies
The 3 core lies are...
It's not your fault
There is a Method to the Madness... and a Villain in a Hat
There is only one way out
Reset your self-view and world-view
It is time for the Greatest Secret that has been kept from you to be revealed...
Your own divinity, and your world's quantum multi-dimensional nature... And for you to recognize how much more exciting and blissful your lives can be, than the scraps that are often presented to you as 'life choices'...

You are told more and more that you have no other option, that your governments are in control, that only the people with money are in charge, and that power is a thing for elites... These falsehoods will die away very quickly once you claim your divine heritage, once you recognize your quantum world for what it is, behind the smoke and mirrors...


Be prepared for this process to be maligned, discredited and undermined by those who wish to profit from your misfortunes. The time for that paradigm is coming to an end... You are free, dear one. Your vessels are capable of so much more than you know... Our species is fighting a "war of consciousness" in its transformation into the next level of its evolution... You can do this, you shall win... Test all these things out and do not settle for anything less than your own magnificence...

Be ready...
Your time has come...
Discover A New Map Of Reality
The Game Of Life...The Game That Spirit Plays
Who are we?

What are we REALLY doing here?

What is our purpose?

Take the astonishingly liberating and empowering viewpoint of looking at life as
 A Game that Spirit plays… literally a game…
And It Is All Powered By Consciousness & Energy
Things are not what they appear to be...
an atom is 99.9999999% empty space
Science has now proven that the elements that make up atoms, known as subatomic particles or energy, ALWAYS responds to consciousness.

Meaning that The Observer, The Observed, and the act of Observation are one and the same thing. 

The ancients said the same thing in a different way: The Creator, the act of Creation, and the Created are one and the same thing. Oneness. Which brings us to the Game of Life...
The 5 Steps That Consciousness Takes To Create, To Play, And To End The Game of Life...
the 5 steps consciousness takes
The Game Of Life Is Like A Dream...
The game of life is a dream
Like All Games, The Game Of Life Has 5 Parts...
the game has 5 parts
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
dream a better dream, without getting stuck
We believe that everyone everywhere deserves freedom, peace, love, light, and to know themselves and their world in truth, in a way that supports their self-worth.
It is the right thing, the humane thing, the fair, good and just thing to do. 

Mother Earth has enough for all to share in, if we treat her with love and respect, and treat each other well.

Scarcity is a myth.

The days of manipulating the "sheeple" are coming to an end.

It is time for healing, peace, love, freedom, oneness. Individually, collectively.

These are the early days, but the Earth is changing, awakening, one person at a time. We are doing it, we are succeeding, step by step, you and I, all of us.
Yes, You Can!
You Simply Need A Plan That Works:
Watch The Videos In The Courses
Watch the videos in the courses. They are jam-packed with a whole new different way of understanding yourself and your world.
Experience A New Map of Reality, Automagically
As you watch, you will automatically experience your subconscious begin to awaken itself as it absorbs these new paradigms, creating a new self-view and new world-view.
Live Your New Life, Automagically
This will automatically enable you to live life anew from your new higher vantage point of awareness and radical mindfulness.
Even Ninjas Need Backup!
Truly spoken, there is no such a thing as a "self-made" man or woman. 

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. We couldn't be where we are if it wasn't for the people who have come before us, taken care of us, taught us, raised us, built things for us, supported us in various ways... We all need help, and we all help each other.
You are the hero of your life journey. You are the one who is changing our world, one person at a time. You are the hero of your life journey. We get that. We are simply here to support you. That's how we grow, too, through mutually beneficial service. That's our life path, to help you on your life path.

Many of our clients have struggled with personal transformation and healing, and the frequent lack of reliable and trustworthy information.

Fortunately, we helped them solve that problem and helped them take advantage of their in-built yet hidden capabilities, safe and fast. And we are very good at supporting your journey, with these courses. See what some of our past students have said about our courses:
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
subconscious reprogramming and mindfulness testimonial
And many more, as you will see inside the courses, once you request your free trial.
Why Bother? What's In It For You?
By taking and applying these courses, you will enjoy these benefits:
  • Get unstuck! Find your personal freedom.
  •  Reset your Self-View and World-View and acquire a powerful and liberating Map of Reality.
  •  See through the magic tricks that the subconscious plays on you!
  •  Get your mind blown, experience massive paradigm shifts.
  •  See life and things around you in a completely different way that supports and enables you.
  •  Massively improve your self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, abundance, inner peace, and more.
  •  Change your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, and transform your negative thinking into positive thinking.
  •  Start thinking REALLY, REALLY BIG.
  •  Know thyself, and the truth shall set you free!
And by taking these courses, you will avoid these pitfalls:
  • Fighting yourself.
  •  Staying stuck.
  •  Not knowing how to get out of your own way.
  •  Being manipulated by external forces (victim state).
My name is David. Kenyan born, living in Australia. I am just like you and every other human being. Which means that I used to face the same challenges of struggling with myself, struggling with various aspects of life, and not knowing how to end the suffering. I literally tried almost everything I could think of or get my hands on. And while some things worked here and there, nothing totally "changed the game" and placed me on the winning side of life. That is, until I decided to dedicate myself totally into understanding and knowing myself, which meant understanding what the subconsicous is at the deepest levels. And that was when I found freedom, relief, choice and abundance. And as a bonus, I fell in love with life - the more I understood the subconscious, the more life tasted super delicious! I put in a lot of love and clarity in the courses you are about to experience. Take advantage of what I learned and save yourself a ton of time, pain, and money!
David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin
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