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Uncommon Power, Money & Freedom Today

So You Can Survive Thrive & Prosper Through The Changing World Order & These Uncertain Times (While Helping Create A Better World For All, A New Earth)

Use These Two Frameworks To Manifest Without Fail, To Invest Safely & Profitably In DeFi (The Future of Money), So You Can Thrive In These Uncertain Times Of A Changing World Order

The Book On This Page Will Show You How.

David Cameron Gikandi

Entrepreneur, Author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Creative Consultant on The Secret, Blockchain Investor

“This is a fascinating, riveting, confusing and exciting period in the lifeline of the world. For those showing up as victims each morning, and every day, the future will be very hard, dangerous and frightening because they won’t know what hit them. And they’ll be absolutely unprotected to deal with the environmental, economic and societal upheaval that is coming.” - The 5 AM Club, Robin Sharma
Wanna survive through the uncertain and changing world order?

Wanna thrive through the uncertain decade ahead?

Here's the secret to that:

Build The Spiritual & Financial Resilience & Abundance Needed To Cross Over From The Old Crumbling World To The New Earth

We are living in exciting times! The old world order is crumbling and a new world is emerging. Alas, with change, comes periods of chaos and uncertainty.

In these times of economic, political and social upheaval, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook and keep your head above water.

The world seems to be in chaos, and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This can be a challenging time, but it can also be a time of great opportunity if you know how to thrive in the changing world order.

My name is David, and I am a Conscious Entrepreneur & Leader, a Life Coach, and a Lightworker.

2020... The "Perfect Storm" Unfolds...

When 2020 hit, followed by the weird events of 2021 and now 2022, I was just like you. I was determined to embrace the uncertainty that now faces us all. To realise the opportunity hidden within the challenge. And to remain dedicated to my purpose and joy.

Even when the road is difficult, I knew that anything is possible. This inner strength and determination are what makes us a powerful force in business and in life, as I'm sure you would agree.


My anxiety and insecurity were mounting. Everywhere I looked, there seemed to be darkness looming. The economic recession was only the beginning, I thought. There was talk of a Great Reset, the collapse of the US dollar and all other currencies connected to it, war in Europe, and so on. I had also heard credible rumours of a shadowy cabal that was manipulating the masses and bringing about all sorts of destruction. Escalating towards a totalitarian global dystopian regime.

It felt like everything was spinning out of control, and for a moment, I didn't know how to hold on anymore.

But I kept searching.

And then...

Light Shines Through...

Something amazing happened. I discovered that I had access to an uncommon power and freedom within myself. One that is available to everyone (including yourself) if they choose to activate it.

I also discovered I had access to an uncommon and new type of financial abundance (DeFi).

And with this power, money, and freedom, I could rise above the negativity and chaos around me. I could find increasing freedom and prosperity even in these uncertain times.

And best of all, I discovered all this could be shared and taught to others.

Hence this book here.

Two Frameworks To Save The Day...

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to:
  • Framework #1: Find your inner power and strength to manifest without fail
  • Framework #2: Invest in DeFi, the future of money and finance
You can indeed thrive in the changing world order! With determination and an open mind, anything is possible.

If you are feeling lost or anxious, remember that you have everything you need within yourself to create a bright future. The world may be in chaos, but that doesn't mean that you have to be. Embrace the challenge and find opportunity in every difficulty. Let me be your guide as you navigate these exciting but turbulent times.

Before I show you the two frameworks, please allow me to share one of our core beliefs...

We Believe...

We believe in a New Earth, in a New Energy. An awakened Earth. We believe that humans are powerful beyond measure, that deep within us all there dwells slumbering powers; powers that would astonish us, powers we never dreamed we possessed, forces that would revolutionise our lives and our home planet if aroused and put into action.

The problem is nobody ever teaches us What We Really are, how the world really works, and how value, abundance, money, and wealth are made outside of the old industrial model of limited understanding. We believe that the traditional education and employment path is fundamentally broken, and we are here to play our part in fixing it.

With the right wisdom applied, we can live our dreams and transform the lives of others and our home planet.

We also believe that entrepreneurs, coaches, light-workers and leaders change the world. Furthermore, there is a new breed of conscious entrepreneurs, life coaches, light-workers and leaders that are a Force for Good, you and I. And together, with each following our unique Calling, we can herald a better world, a New Earth in a New Energy, and a sustainable, thriving, and magnificent future for all humankind.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where? We are the ones who will break the chains.

We are the Conscious Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Life Coaches & Lightworkers, in a new paradigm. People who actively cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, are in touch with ourselves and our home planet Earth, willing to look both inward and outward to achieve outstanding results for all humanity and Mother Earth. Applying the new professional superpower of body, mind, and spirit. When the three become one, all things are possible.

Thrive & Prosper Through The Changing World Order & These Uncertain Times With These Two Frameworks

The book I have for sale on this page is called The Uncommon Power, Money & Freedom book because that is exactly what it is:

A set of two (2) frameworks for:

1. Manifesting Without Fail
2. Investing In The Future of Money & Finance

Sounds relevant and useful, right?

You can buy it if you wish.

It's only $4.99.

Why am I selling it for such a low price?

Well, if you like it, maybe you will become our coaching client and we can help you go deeper and faster implementing these two frameworks.

Or not.

Either way, it's a good book that outlines everything you need to effectively and powerfully optimise your inner game and outer game to win in the coming decade of uncertainty and radical transformation.

Here's Some Of What You'll Discover Inside This Brand New Book:

  • Understand that the world is not in a natural state, but is artificially engineered that way on purpose by certain groups
  • Learn about the different techniques used to create these problems
  • Discover how you can do something about it and cultivate Uncommon Power, Money & Freedom
  • ​​Don't be left behind in the coming world order changes – get educated now!
  • Learn about what is happening and how to thrive in the changing world
  • ​​Gain an edge over your adversaries by being prepared for anything
  • ​​Get a leg up on the future, today
  • You are the one you have been waiting for
  • ​Now is the time to cultivate uncommon power, money, and freedom
  • ​​We are the change that we have been waiting for
  • Learn about your true nature and potential
  • ​​The traditional education and employment path is broken (here's what we can do about it)
  • ​​Join a community of conscious entrepreneurs and leaders, life coaches, and lightworkers who are set to survive and thrive through the changing world order
  • You don't have to do everything by yourself
  • ​The trying times will be your defining moments
  • A shift is underway which will bring you back to your authentic self
  • ​You will rise from the ashes a new, expanded person
Framework #1: The GO!LIMITLESS Framework
Stage 1: Set Foundations
Step 1: Discover Your Divinity (True Self): Connect to your magnificent Divine power source

1. Experience inner peace and greater self-awareness
2. Free yourself from the conditioning of society
3. Access your infinite power and magnificence
4. Find true abundance and happiness
Action 1: Practice radical acceptance

• You will find genuine freedom once you become aware of your soul
• Gain a deeper understanding of reality and yourself
• Experience life more fully in the present moment
• Realise that you don't need to convince others of anything, because you are content with who you are
• The world will accept you once you accept yourself
Action 2: Seek the Kingdom within

• Experience the divine in your life in a new way
• Understand reality and the universe better
• Align with the divine within you and achieve personal growth
• Apply this knowledge to manifesting desires and goals
Action 3: Walk the tightrope (with monkeys throwing poop)

• Learn how to transcend the ego and live in the moment
• Find true peace and happiness by aligning with the Divine
• Gain freedom from fear, worry, and doubt
• Develop an unshakable faith in the Divine
• Discover your limitless potential
Step 2: Illuminate Your Mindset (Thoughts): Cultivate a super powerful mindset optimised to manifest

• Learn how to detach, allow, and witness your thoughts
• Approach life from the POV of your Divinity
• Deny mental illusions and free yourself from limiting beliefs
Action 1: Detach, allow, and witness (mindfulness)

• Learn how to live mindfully 24/7
• Detach from your thoughts and emotions
• Rise above your conditioning and see the program for what it is
• Increase your awareness and consciousness
Action 2: Think from Divinity, not from Ego

• Allow yourself to be in the present moment and witness your life as it happens
• Gain a new perspective and understanding of challenging obstacles
• Increase your emotional resilience
• Cultivate an attitude of openness and acceptance towards all aspects of life
• Develop greater clarity, peace, and contentment
Action 3: Deny mental illusions, don't believe it

• You don't have to believe all your thoughts, even if they feel real
• The feeling of realness is not a reliable indicator of truth
• Mindfulness allows you to allow your thoughts to be and watch them without believing them
Step 3: Open Your Heart (Emotions): Gain the emotional mastery needed for manifesting and action-taking

• Learn to navigate your attention and emotions for a more peaceful experience
• Increase your capacity for being present in the world
• Decrease pain and discomfort to the point where you view all emotion as “energy in motion”
• Align your mental, emotional, and physical bodies for a more peaceful experience
Action 1: Detach, allow, and witness (mindfulness)

•Learn to detach and not fear your emotions, which will allow you to stay on your path and manifest what you desire
•Become emotionally vulnerable and open, thus allowing a wider range of emotions through you, and growing limitless in manifesting
•Through mindfulness, practice not fearing the thoughts, emotions, memories and sensations crossing your awareness... yet, not blocking, resisting or attaching to any of them either
Action 2: Practice emotional vulnerability

• Allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable for powerful healing and growth
• Experience more love, joy, compassion, and connection in your life
• Invite self-awareness and self-empowerment
• Rediscover genuine pleasure, wealth, and health
• Realise that the struggle to satisfy our inner hunger is fruitless (and here's the solution that works)
Action 3: Re-write your stories about your emotions

• Dismiss your ego as an advisor (and get better advice from your divinity)
• Get comfortable with mistakes and failures
• Allow yourself to make a mess
• Embrace risk and the unknown
Stage 2: Creation Process
Step 4: Shape Your Intent (Clarify Your Vision)

1. Make it a well-formed outcome
2. Make it a holistic self-view & world-view
3. Feel it real (nix all neediness)
Action 1: Make it a well-formed outcome

• Everything you need is already within you
• Follow your intuition and let go for the best possible outcome
• Trust that the universe will provide what you need
• Allow yourself to be in the flow for the best result
Action 2: Make it a holistic self-view & world-view

• Make your goal an intrinsic part of who you are
• Integrate the goal into your neurology, physiology and identity
• Use NLP techniques to fully and totally integrate the goal
• Fake it till you make it – act as if you’ve already achieved the goal
• Give it a test drive – experience what it feels like to have the goal
Action 3: Feel it real (nix all neediness)

• Feeling of lack creates desperation and neediness, which can block goal attainment
• Eliminate the feeling of neediness and wanting
• Trust in yourself and the Universe to manifest your goals effortlessly
• Experience satisfaction and gratitude for what is already yours and what's coming
Step 5: Boost Your Faith & Trust (Universe Answers)

1. Understand Creation
2. Understand Quantum Energy & Consciousness
3. Understand The Greater Good
Action 1: Understand Creation

• Understand Creation at a deeper level
• See the Universe as designed for our individual growth and evolution
• Experience the spiritual or metaphysical basis of manifesting
• Realise that you don't have to "earn" or "deserve" manifestation
Action 2: Understand Quantum Energy & Consciousness

• Come to understand that physical reality is not solid, but fluid
• Learn about the role of consciousness in creating physical reality
• Discover that the universe desires to manifest your entire consciousness effortlessly
• Understand that spirituality and science are not two separate things
Action 3: Understand The Greater Good

• Life is a complex system and it is auto-organising
• You have more power than you realise
• The Divine within is benevolent and can be trusted
• There is a higher purpose to life beyond the acquisition of things
• Align yourself with the vibrational frequency of your desires to increase the likelihood of their manifestation
Step 6: Take Quantum Leaps (Massive Intelligent Action)

1. Go for Quantum Leaps
2. Model success
3. Take inspired action (Wu Wei)
Action 1: Go for Quantum Leaps

• Make quantum leaps instead of slow, logical, linear steps
• Experience growth in ways you never thought possible
• Get help from Providence for a successful landing
• Overcome doubts and fears that hold you back
• Leap into the unknown and let faith be your guide
Action 2: Model Success

• Use a successful model to achieve success in your field
• Learn from an expert to save time and increase ROI
• Copy a role model's physiology for change
• Don't re-invent the wheel
Action 3: Take inspired action (Wu Wei)

• Dwell near the channel in which your life flows for optimal productivity and creativity
• Get free from your conditioning with mindfulness and mediation
• Be still within to hear and follow the Tao
Stage 3: Optimise & Grow
Step 7: Align Your Internal Self-Image With The Outcome

1. Rise above the old
2. Shift your identity
3. Be still, be empty
Action 1: Rise above the old

• You don't have to be who you were raised to be
• You can change and adopt new masks or personas
• Life goes on even if your "me" character disappears
• Let go of your "me" character to experience the vastness within
• Experience life in a new way that is more in alignment with who you truly are
• Embrace change and growth as a natural part of life
• Allow yourself to be who you truly are, without resistance
Action 2: Shift your identity

• Imagine being able to shift your identity at will and do the things you've always wanted to do
• Discover new abilities and talents that you never knew you had
• Transform limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years
• Expand your consciousness and become more self-aware
• Access insights, knowledge, and wisdom that is beyond your current understanding
Action 3: Be still, be empty

• Find stillness and emptiness to be the gateway to everything
• Discover your true self and freedom through stillness
• Gain enlightenment and salvation through stillness
• Everything emerges from silence, so find stillness to experience everything
Step 8: Eliminate Obstacles & Internal Blockages

1. Master Transformative Action
2. Practice Unbending Intent
3. Practice self-care
Action 1: Master Transformative Action

• Learn how to live more consciously and take back your power
• Understand the practice of personal integrity and how it can benefit you
• Build your self-esteem so you can live unapologetically in your full brilliance
• Gain understanding of the grieving process and how it can help you heal old wounds
Action 2: Practice Unbending Intent

1. Learn how to focus on the moment and remain unbending in the face of environmental variables.
2. Practice staying present and mindful, even when things get tough.
3. Use the awareness of the 5 hindrances as an instrument for change in your life.
4. Develop an unbending intent to move forward step by step, no matter how small or big that step might be.
Action 3: Practice self-care

1. Improve mental health by seeking help if needed
2. Improve physical health and fitness through action
3. Take care of emotional health through various means
4. Make room for peace and emptiness in life
5. Treat yourself to a better life through self-care
Step 9: Measure, Learn & Tweak

1. Measure it
2. Learn from it
3. Tweak it into success
Action 1: Measure it

- Measure and track progress over time for key metrics
- Use data to learn and improve
- Make it fun by gamifying the process
Action 2: Learn from it

1. Use data and feedback to improve your approach
2. Get better results through adjustment and evolution
3. Learn from your mistakes and successes
4. Increase your chances of success by embracing failure
Action 3: Tweak it into success

The final step is to use your learnings to tweak your approach toward a more successful outcome. Tweak your approach, adjust it, and fine-tune it according to the lessons from the data and feedback.

It really is as simple as that.
Framework #2: The DeFi Profits Framework
Stage 1: Philosophy & Fundamentals
CeFi = Centralised Finance
TradFi = Traditional Finance
DeFi = Decentralised Finance

• DeFi is a more advanced and powerful technology than CeFi
• DeFi offers users financial sovereignty, which centralised institutions do not
• DeFi is a movement that aims to create a more equitable and fair economy and society
• CeFi is financial servitude, while DeFI provides users with financial sovereignty
Step 1: The Old World Revealed: Break free from old money brainwashing

1. Get clear on what money really is
2. See how our monetary system works
3. Rise above the financial scarcity myth

• Discover new ways to create money and monetary systems
• Clear your mind and understand the new financial world
• Realise that national currencies are not backed by gold
• Understand the hidden significance behind cryptocurrencies
• Learn that money doesn't have to be complicated
Action 1: Get clear on what money really is

• Cryptocurrencies possess all the required properties of money and currency
• They also do so in better ways in many cases
• Plus, introduce some new better traits or properties, such as the ability to be openly programmable and the ability to be decentralised and autonomous, and censorship-resistant.
• They put power back into the hands of the people, and not just the elites
Action 2: See how our monetary system works

- Break away from the control of a small group of elites
- Create a more democratic society
- Stop the siphoning of wealth from the masses
- Sustainability - our monetary system doesn't have to be this destructive
- DeFi is more straightforward and elegant than the current system
Action 3: Rise above the financial scarcity myth

• KYC laws disproportionately punish the poor and vulnerable, DeFi can solve the identity and unbanked problem
• Money scarcity is artificial scarcity, and DeFi can fix that
• Having a diverse financial ecosystem is important for resilience
Step 2: The New World Revealed: Become wise to the DeFi world

1. Understand what DeFi really is
2. See what people are already building with DeFi
3. See what else can be built with DeFi in future
Action 1: Understand what DeFi really is

1. Understand what DeFi is and how it works
2. Get a wide variety of financial products and services
3. Decentralised, secure, transparent, and immutable finance
4. Higher yields or returns than traditional finance
5. Like LEGO - endless possibilities

1. Enable trustless transactions and agreements between disparate, anonymous parties
2. Remove the need for a central authority or legal system
3. Provide tamper-proof and transparent contracts that can be audited
4. Incentivize collective good behaviour through purpose-driven tokens
Action 2: See what people are already building with DeFi

Decentralised Payments
Decentralised Lending and Borrowing
Decentralised Stable Coins
Decentralised Stable Interest Rates
Decentralised Exchanges
Decentralised Insurance
Decentralised Fund Management & Indices
Decentralised Derivatives
Decentralised Yield Farming, Staking, Predication Markets, Lotteries and Charities
And More

• Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with the financial world
• Decentralized exchanges provide a safer, more secure way to trade assets
• DeFi allows for new and innovative forms of insurance
• DeFi offers transparency and cost savings for investors
Action 3: See what else can be built with DeFi & Blockchain in future

• Enable voting for the people, by the people
• Stop corruption and special interest groups in their tracks
• Create a more democratic society
• Decentralize everything for a more equitable world
• Use of blockchain makes everything more efficient
Step 3: Selecting Your Investments: Select investments and vet potential ones

1. Learn how to use the investments watchlist app
2. Become familiar with the assets on your watch-list
3. Learn how to do due diligence on any coin or token before you invest
Action 1: Learn how to use the investments watchlist app

• Get a complete overview of the DeFi space
• Easily follow any token you're interested in
• Learn by exploration - no risk involved
Action 2: Become familiar with the assets on your watch-list

• Gain exposure to some of the top DeFi tokens
• Get an understanding for how they work and their use cases
• Be ahead of the curve in understanding this technology
• Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency world
Action 3: Learn how to do due diligence on any coin or token before you invest

• Get started quickly, even as you learn how to do good due diligence to keep you safe
• Have a wide variety of assets to choose from
• Don't worry if all this seems alien at first, clarity will emerge from momentum
• Invest in projects with a real product, community and team
Stage 2: The Set-Up
Step 4: Ultimate Security

1. Set up 1Password (or LastPass)
2. Set up VPN & 2FA
3. Understand overall security best practices

This step is designed to help you avoid losing your investments to scammers and hackers.
Action 1: Set up 1Password (or LastPass)

• Avoid 81% of hacking breaches with a strong password
• Use a password manager for all your devices
• 1Password and LastPass are two of the best password managers available
Action 2: Set up VPN & 2FA

• Adding an extra layer of protection with 2FA
• Making your account inaccessible even if someone stole your password
• Plenty of trusted VPNs to choose from
• Protecting your data with a VPN
Action 3: Understand overall security best practices

• Understand overall security best practices
• Use a password manager
• Never share your login or recovery details with anyone
• Use a 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA)
• Store your big amounts in cold storage
• Don't use a MetaMask wallet with significant holdings to join random sites
Step 5: Big Assets Storage

1. Set up cold storage
2. Set up Argent
3. Set up DEXs

This step helps you protect your biggest holdings once you grow into a high net worth crypto investor.
Action 1: Set up cold storage

• Keep your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies safe from unauthorised access and cyber-attacks
• Don’t need cold storage if you don’t have sizeable crypto assets
• The most popular cold storage is Ledger
• Other popular cold storage wallets include Trezor, GridPlus Lattice, and COLDCARD
Action 2: Set up Argent & MetaMask

• MetaMask is a necessary tool for interacting with Ethereum-based applications
• Argent is another good option for an Ethereum wallet
• Having both MetaMask and Argent will give you added security and flexibility when working with the Ethereum blockchain
Action 3: Set up DEXs

• Get set up with accounts at different DEXs in minutes
• Connect your MetaMask wallet to each of these exchanges for easy trading
• Play the DeFi game better than most beginners
Step 6: Accounts & Tools Setup

1. Set up your exchange accounts
2. Set up your bot trading account
3. Set up auxiliary tools and resources
Action 1: Set up your exchange accounts

• Get started in crypto with a small investment
• Easily buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on exchanges
• Start investing in DeFi for long-term gains
Action 2: Set up your bot trading account

• Get started quickly and easily with little upfront investment
• Benefit from a wide variety of features to help you succeed
• Use a proven platform that has helped many traders achieve success
• Get started for free and upgrade as your skills grow
Action 3: Set up auxiliary tools and resources

• Stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the space
• Get insights from experts and insiders
• Learn about new products and services as they are released
• Get strategies and tips to help you succeed in this space
Stage 3: Trading & Investing
Step 7: Portfolio Investing (Long Term)

1. Asset Allocation (AA)
2. Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
3. Rebalancing (R)

This is what I call the AA+DCA+R portfolio strategy.

You can make some money trading short term. But the real big profits are earned by investing in worthwhile projects and holding long-term. Invest long-term to allow the magic power of compound growth to take effect.

SIDEBAR: The Amazing Power of Compounding

• Watch your money grow with time and compound interest
• Let the power of compounding work for you
• Re-invest your gains and watch your money multiply
• Don't worry about the day-to-day fluctuations in the markets
• Enjoy life while your money works hard for you in the background
Action 1: Set up your Asset Allocation

• Diversify your portfolio for less risk
• Use AI to automate asset allocation and rebalancing
• Get instant loans against your assets
• Benefit from the growth of multiple protocols
Action 2: Set up Dollar Cost Averaging

• You don't have to worry about market timing - DCA takes care of that for you
• Get more tokens for your investment when prices are low
• Profit from price volatility over the long term
• Automatically rebalance your portfolio with a Trading Bot
Action 3: Set up Rebalancing

• Automatically sell high and buy low for greater returns
• Reduce risks and protect your wealth over time
• Rebalance at regular fixed intervals for hands-free investing
Step 8: Bot & Smart Trading (Short Term)

1. Set up a paper-trade account
2. Import and activate Bots
3. Attempt one Smart Trade
Action 1: Set up a paper-trade account

• Test bots without risking your money
• Prices move the same way as on an actual exchange and in real-time
• Get a virtual deposit to trade with
• Allowing you to test bots for profitability without risking your real money
Action 2: Import and activate Bots

• Use bots to remove fear and emotions from the trading equation
• Save time by using pre-set bots with a track record of success
• Easily learn what each bot setting does by watching it in action
• Have multiple bots running simultaneously for diversity and learning
• Copy your bots from your paper account to your live account when you're ready
Action 3: Attempt one Smart Trade

1. Easier than standard manual trading
2. Provides additional features for short term traders
3. Allows you to sell coins at intervals for maximised profits
4. Secures your profits during market volatility
5. Automates many tasks for you
Step 9: Emotional Intelligence, Risk Management, Capital Preservation

1. Understand and commit to Rule 1&2 of capital preservation
2. Borrow instead of Sell, Yield Farm if holding, use assets instead of income for your
3. Understand and commit to emotional intelligence, journaling, and a disciplined approach
Action 1: Understand and commit to Rule 1&2 of capital preservation

• Understand and commit to following the two fundamental rules of capital preservation
• Get a better understanding of money management and risk diversification
• Learn about how to be a successful long-term investor and short-term trader
Action 2: Make your money work for you more actively

• DEFi is like LEGO, you can combine the above to create profitable outcomes
• Get a wide variety of passively income generating tools
• Stop wasting your time on tedious and overwhelming tasks
• Increase ROI on your ad campaigns

•You can borrow against your tokens to buy more tokens, which allows you to grow your assets very quickly.
•You can live off your crypto loans instead of your income, which leaves more of your income to invest. 
•By investing 100% of your after-tax income, you can consume none and have a greater net worth in the long run. 
•Crypto insurance provides security for digital asset investments.
Action 3: Understand and commit to emotional intelligence, journaling, and a disciplined approach

• Commit to emotional intelligence
• Journaling will help you understand yourself as an investor or trader
• Discipline is key to success in investing or trading

When You Buy The Book Today, You Also Get These Two Bonuses...

Bonus #1: Forecast 2020 - 2030

I put this one together in early 2020, and so far the forecast seems to hold very well. Here is what it covers:

A. The 43 Industries & Jobs With Huge Growth Potential, Immediate & Short Term, Medium & Long Term

B. The 31 Areas of Massive Change Potentials, Immediately & In The Revolutionary Decade of 2020 - 2030

C. The 2 Unique Personal Challenges You Must Address In 2020 - 2030 (Cold Hard Realities to Embrace & Self-Reflection to Be Done)

Bonus #2: The Changing World Order

Full Disclosure: I did not create this one. This is created by Ray Dalio. Ray is an American billionaire investor and co-chief investment officer of the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgwater Associates (AUM $235 Billion). His personal net worth is $22 billion. And he is so concerned about this that he made a freakin’ animated video to help everyone understand what’s happing. The video is so well done that in 40 minutes, you will learn more about how the world works than you ever learned in all your schooling (even if you went to college). Mostly, you will understand the Changing World Order from a factual point of view, not a conspiracy theory. I bring this video to you because I sincerely believe you must see it, and so we watch it together here.

Legit, if you don't like it, I'll send back your $4.99 immediately... ANY TIME in the next 365 days!

I know this book is good. I know it will help you. I have ZERO doubt about that. So for me, it's not about the $4.99.

To be honest with you, that super-low $4.99 amount is just there so we can (1) filter out the serious people from the 'just browsing' people and (2) liquidate our coaching client acquisition costs and (3) most importantly, deliver results-in-advance to you, at minimal risk for you, so you can trust us.

So it's not about the $4.99 for me, and we will happily send you a full refund, ANY TIME in the next 365 days, even a year from now, if you are not satisfied. No questions asked! If you are not happy, I wouldn't want to keep your money.

So that's our truth, and our guarantee... this is all risk-free for you, for a reason.

This Book Is Brand New, So Here Are Testimonials From Some Of My Previous Work (You Can Expect High Quality & Results)...

Your book however is so much more than 'happy' and 'money'. And, I'm so glad I have found that out... David

"The book tied everything together for me. It brought all the messages I have been reading from the Kybalion, the Bible, positive thinking, affirmation, law of attraction, duality, cause and effect, vibrations, energy, intellect together. It gave me confirmation that I was on the right path to understanding. It gave me more reason to love and less reason to judge. It told me there is a reason for existence. It gave explanation to failure or untimely circumstances or misfortunes. It makes me feel more aware and how important it is to be in charge of my thought process. I think the most under rated skill is one where we can maintain our awareness of our thoughts and it is the most difficult to master, if that is possible. Certainly, just getting better at it, gives you a feeling of strength and hope and then hope becomes belief, faith and certainty." - M Novinski
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