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Where And How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies (A Quick-Start Mini-Course For Beginners)
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Where And How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies (A Quick-Start Mini-Course For Beginners)
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WATCH and LEARN as we buy and sell Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, in real-time, step-by-step! Here's what you get FREE:
  • COURSE: "Where And How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies (A Quick-Start Mini-Course For Beginners)"
  •  TOOLKIT: "The Ultimate International Guide To Worldwide Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets, Exchanges, Portfolio Trackers, ATMs & Other Services"
  •  CASE STUDY#1: "How 20 Happy People Made Huge Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Profits"
  •  CASE STUDY#2: "How 30 Sad People Lost Their Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies"
What's inside the course •
These are some of the incredibly interesting and thought-provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this course. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • You'll watch and experience PRECISELY where to go, and PRECISELY what to click on, to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • You'll discover what the biggest mistakes are that cause people to lose their Bitcoins to hackers and the like, and what you can do to avoid those costly mistakes.  
  • You'll crack the code when it comes to where and how to avoid international restrictions on buying and selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - you will have a complete and fully-loaded guide with every link you need, worldwide.
Bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency
COURSE: Where And How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies
(This Is A Quick-Start Mini-Course For Beginners)
Bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency
CASE STUDY#1: How 20 Happy People Made Huge Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Profits
Bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency
TOOLKIT: "The Ultimate International Guide To Worldwide Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets, Exchanges, Portfolio Trackers, ATMs & Other Services"
Bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency
CASE STUDY#2: How 30 Sad People Lost Their Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies (And What You Can Do To Avoid The Same Costly Mistakes)
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Once we hit a certain stage, we may withdraw this free offer. It isn't going to last forever.

So if this sounds like a good offer - and you have $5 bucks on you right now - and you would like to be covered by a 60 day money-back guarantee on that $5 bucks - and you are keen to experience the magnificent power of the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then why wait? Act now. Take this offer and see what's inside. It might just make your life richer than ever before. You never truly know unless you try, right?
Your Course Instructors...
Jerry Banfield
Jerry Banfield
My mission is to spread love, faith, and inspiration to the people of the world. I foresee a world where everyone knows how to live a great life. If you are the kind of person that challenges the status quo and thinks everyone should have the chance to earn a living for their family, then you understand why my company exists. I see people of every nationality, age, race, gender, and religion able to cooperate online in building what we need to make a better world. I see people in every part of the planet have the will to work and learn to be able to feed their family.

I have my masters from the University of South Florida, my bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina, and three years of work in state law enforcement. In 2011, I started my business online while working on my Ph.D. I hope the courses I teach here make learning valuable skills that give you a chance to design your own lifestyle easier than it was for me!
David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
My name is David Cameron Gikandi. I'm not a guru. I'm a rare information curator, publisher, and implementer. My inspired talent is in researching and curating esoteric evidence into practical concepts. I'm especially good at connecting the dots. I am also a life-long entrepreneur, business architect, and an ardent student of the human body-mind-spirit complex. I was the Creative Consultant on The Secret (the 2006 movie) and I'm the author of the international best-seller, A Happy Pocket Full of Money. But like you, I am a student of life. 

I was born on March 6th, 1975, in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru is famous for its rhinos (I have actually been chased by one) and flamingos. I love life, the mysteries of life, and traveling (been to all continents except the poles). I also love helping people to flourish! I hold a BSc. in International Business from Jacksonville University, Florida, USA. I also have an MSc. in Information Technology from Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) and I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.
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